NSW Can Another Staff Member Go Through Your Personal Workplace Cupboard?

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13 March 2015
Hi, just a quick question, under employment law, can another staff member (not management or supervisor) go through your workplace credenza/cupboard under employment law? This is my credenza, not a communal one. It contains some work files but also personal items. I'm aware that management/supervisor if needs be can do that, but am unsure with relation to other staff members.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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12 August 2014
-Did the company prohibit this?
-Did the person remove, damage, appropriate, or otherwise trespass against your property?
-Did the person access any information on an electronic device without permission?

If the answer to all of these questions is 'no', then I can't think of any law that would stop the person doing this.


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10 February 2015
Hi there,

If the credenza is in your possession and you can use it to store your things, then potentially someone who has gone through your things (and doesn't have a greater right to possession than yourself) has committed trespass.

However the more important question here is what are you wanting to gain from this? Can you just ask the person politely not to do it again? Or can you lock the credenza?