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Fire investigation, sometimes referred to as cause and origin investigation, is the analysis of fire-related incidents. After firefighters extinguish a fire, an investigation is launched to determine the origin and cause of the fire or explosion. Investigations of such incidents require a systematic approach and knowledge of basic fire science.

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  1. S

    TAS Can I Publish a police report/Private investigators report

    Hi, I have received a police report from my lawyer which included a report done by a private investigator on a matter that has been concluded. Police didn't pursue chargers. And magistrate dismissed the restraint order. Are these documents public info or are they protected by law. That they...
  2. A

    WA Assault - police investigation

    A physically disabled woman was seriously assaulted by several security guards at a WA hospital. They seem to have beaten her unconscious and then left her on the footpath outside the hospital, because that's where she woke up. A short time after she woke up, she saw two police officers leaving...
  3. J

    NSW Am I entitled to HR investigation report that has led to termination?

    Hi all, Recently, my entire team has been investigated by HR on the back of accusations made by a disgruntled former employee during his exit interview. Both I and the senior project manager have been issued with a notice of intent to terminate our employment, however there is a long list...
  4. A

    NSW Workplace bullying investigations: providing evidence as a witness

    I have a question relating to adverse action taken against employees who have provided evidence in a workplace bullying investigation against a manager. Cant find an answer anywhere! In this situation, the employee is not the one who made the complaint that triggered the investigation but one...
  5. S

    NSW What will happen to a 14 year old who is being investigated for shoplifting?

    Someone I know has shoplifted at a store near her school. She took some minor goods (worth under $100), but has been repetitively doing it for the past few weeks. The police contacted her parents and told her that she was being investigated and that she was to be detained at home until the...
  6. K

    QLD My gifted car under investigation

    My x boyfriend gave me a car for my birthday. He then took the car without my knowledge. He got into a police chase & was sent to jail.... The car was impounded for 90 days. The QLD police sent me the copy of the form Towing Authority for Impounding Vehicles with all the details. I collected...
  7. Spag_Bol

    QLD Workcover interviews

    Hi All, Silly question but I just want to hear others experiences. Who is in charge of carrying out workplace investigations/interviews with witnesses, is it Workcovers job or are they allowed to delegate (palm it off) to the employer to do? Thanks in advance
  8. R

    QLD matter remains under investigation = Translation?

    I have been into the local police station with my son and lodged a formal complaint against a police officer. (In regards to a previous thread) My son just received an email from ethical standards which says " the matter remains under investigation." Can someone put this into laymans speak...
  9. H

    NSW Lost Property in a Cafe Shop

    I went to a Asian cafe shop to buy some takeaway and lost my shoulder bag (inside is a wallet with over $1000 cash). I sat at a table that’s just opposite to the counter inside the cafe and are pretty confident that there are cameras in the shop. Since my house is only 5mins walk from the place...
  10. T

    QLD A Big Bank Breaches Rules to Avoid Liability?

    A big bank accepts transactions without using correct security protocol informing account holder of terms or advise or security that is required and relevant. The funds in question are more than 160000. The bank was informed prior to the completion of these transactions when the bank account...