Workplace Bullying - What to Do?

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Jennifer J

Active Member
14 April 2014
A question from a family member in NSW. If I feel that I am being harassed or "bullied" at work, what steps can be taken to stop this harassment under employment law, or am I going to be forced to quit because of a few select individuals' workplace bullying?


Hi Jennifer,

Your first port of call is to determine whether the behaviour your family member is describing is in fact bullying, according to the recognised definition. It may fall into the category or discrimination or sexual harassment, or may for another reason not be considered workplace bullying.

Three questions can help to determine whether certain behaviour falls within the definition: Is the behaviour being repeated? Is the behaviour unreasonable? (i.e. victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening) and Is the behaviour creating a risk to your health and safety? (This can include inducing distress, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disturbance, depression, deteriorating relationship with colleagues etc)

If you are a victim of bullying, your workplace should have a bullying reporting procedure and policy outlining how the organisation is going to prevent and respond to workplace bullying.

If you are comfortable doing so, it is also recommended that you approach the instigator of the bullying and request that they stop the bullying behaviour.

Report the behaviour to your supervisor or manager and your health and safety representative using the established reporting procedures.

Your workplace has a duty under the Workplace Health and Safety Act to ensure that workers and other persons are not exposed to health and safety risks, so they should treat your report seriously, confidentially and attempt to resolve the matter.

For more information refer to the Safe Work Australia site: - Read more

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