VIC Business under Residential Complex - Dealing with Public Nuisances?

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15 June 2015
Hi all,

I have recently started a 24/7 business under a residential complex. We are situated within an entry corridor, and there is reasonably heavy traffic of residents entering and leaving the building.

We have had regular occurrences of residents knocking very loudly (on purpose) on our glass that faces the corridor, which is startling and very inconvenient for our customers and workers.

Last night, an employee and I walked out to confront a group that had made a large amount of noise, and they showed little to no remorse, leading me to believe that this behaviour will continue.

Is there any action we can take against them? What should we do if this continues to happen? My friend suggested taking a picture of them and threatening to report them to the police, since we know which building they live in. The best outcome would be to get them to hand over their ID so that we can identify them, but that may be a challenge.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Hi there,

You say you can't identify them? Until you know who they are, there isn't a lot you can do short of threatening them with the police next time they disturb you. Taking a photo of them isn't a bad idea either.

Also, do you know whether your landlord is also their landlord (you said you're in a residential complex which indicates you may be renting from the same owner)? Because under certain circumstances, landlords can be responsible for the actions of their tenants towards other tenants.