NSW Builder not paying subcontractor due property damage

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    Hi everyone
    I'm a sole trader been working for a builder pty Ltd on a new private home as a subcontractor. I made some scratches on a glass wall while sanding stairs. Becsuse of this they didn't pay my last 2 invoices . They paid my first progress payment invoice and partly the second. They keeping $2500.00 " until the problem solved". They may have to change the glass, estimated cost around $7000.00 . I have broadform liability (public&product) insurance and my insurance said I'm covered if I make a damage to a third party.
    I invoiced as work finished 7 weeks ago.
    Are they have the right to keep back my final payment ? I told them I'm covered and my insurance will pay for repair or replacement. They "waiting for a quota " since.

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