WA Biased Executor of Will Not Letting Us Enter the Property?

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    My father-in-law has just passed away. My husband and his brother are equal shared beneficiaries. We have been told we are not allowed to enter his house (does not own) until the brother and the executor of will (his daughter) are there. They live five hours away and will not be at the property until next Tuesday when the funeral is.

    We need to get clothes for my father-in-law for the funeral plus all the food in the house is spoiling. We lived next door to him for eight years and in the last six months, I was caring for his every day needs. He was flown from the farm to the city by royal flying doctors. My husband was his next of kin.

    Somehow the brother and his daughter made themselves next of kin without letting us know. Then as we were driving down to the city to see my husband's father they got a will done up making the daughter executor of will and the brother equally shared beneficiary, which was previously discussed.

    But I was supposed to be the executor for I looked after all his affairs. Now it seems the executor is more looking after the interests of her father and not letting us on the property. We just want to clean up before everyone arrives for the funeral. It’s what he would have wanted.

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