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An executor is someone who is responsible for executing, or following through on, an assigned task or duty. The feminine form, executrix, may sometimes be used.

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  1. S

    QLD Crazy executor powers??

    i have here some executor powers that seem like they give too much power to the executor, maybe to even keep assets above beneficiaries, "5.1 to retain any investment or security held by me at my death, and to invest or reinvest any money in any investments or securities of whatever nature and...
  2. P

    NSW Is the estate legally liable to reimburse an executor for private legal advice

    The estate has been administered and all money is in trust waiting for distribution. One executor employed a solicitor privately to communicate with the other executors. The estate was sent invoices for the independent legal fees by this solicitor and a direction for these to be paid from estate...
  3. DaniDee

    QLD 'Pre-Grant' Probate- Named Executor responsibilities??

    Whilst a probate application is being contested and no executor/administrator has been court appointed.... is there any fiduciary & legal responsibilities of the named executor to the estate & beneficiaries
  4. F

    VIC Joint executors and beneficiaries

    OK - The will states "I DIRECT my Trusties to sell my unit ..." (emphasis as printed) to date no probate has been applied for and the relocatable DPU resides on one 1 trustees property. There are several joint executors & trusties (they are the only beneficiaries listed and are all executors &...
  5. T

    QLD Family Wills , Can a beneficiary be an executor

    Can the beneficiary of a will be an executor to that will
  6. P

    QLD PoA acting as Executor

    My partner's mother passed away last month. In the 6 months before her passing, she gave POA to her nephew. There was confusion surrounding this decision, which led my partner and his sister to assume that the nephew was executor to the will. He was not. When my partner's mother passed, the...
  7. B

    WA Can fuel expenses be claimed by the executor?

    Can an executor of a will (Probate issued in WA) charge the deceased estate for petrol expenses in long distances, eg in this case, approx 500ks of travel to attend to the sale of a home, cleaning and removal of rubbish, meeting agents, pool cleaners. etc...
  8. M

    QLD Beneficiary & executor behaving badly

    What action can other beneficiaries take when the executor & another beneficiary remove items and bank balances from deceased estate and refuse to give an accounting of all assets. The beneficiary informed other beneficiaries that they were the executor @ both refused to supply copy of the will...
  9. M

    QLD Executor not communicating

    My brother is the executor of our deceased fathers estate & is not communicating with the rest of us but we’ve all been included in the will apparently. No else has seen the will but we know there is no realestate property involved. He went in and removed all our fathers personal effects and...
  10. M

    VIC Executor difficulities

    It has been almost 2 years since the death of my last surviving parent. The estate is still not settled. One of 2 Executors has the remaining chattels and personal items (some items are classed as historical heirlooms) in their care. One beneficiary also has a couple of items they are holding...