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An executor is someone who is responsible for executing, or following through on, an assigned task or duty. The feminine form, executrix, may sometimes be used.

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    WA Can fuel expenses be claimed by the executor?

    Can an executor of a will (Probate issued in WA) charge the deceased estate for petrol expenses in long distances, eg in this case, approx 500ks of travel to attend to the sale of a home, cleaning and removal of rubbish, meeting agents, pool cleaners. etc...
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    QLD Beneficiary & executor behaving badly

    What action can other beneficiaries take when the executor & another beneficiary remove items and bank balances from deceased estate and refuse to give an accounting of all assets. The beneficiary informed other beneficiaries that they were the executor @ both refused to supply copy of the will...
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    QLD Executor not communicating

    My brother is the executor of our deceased fathers estate & is not communicating with the rest of us but we’ve all been included in the will apparently. No else has seen the will but we know there is no realestate property involved. He went in and removed all our fathers personal effects and...
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    VIC Executor difficulities

    It has been almost 2 years since the death of my last surviving parent. The estate is still not settled. One of 2 Executors has the remaining chattels and personal items (some items are classed as historical heirlooms) in their care. One beneficiary also has a couple of items they are holding...
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    NSW Concerns with Executor and estate

    My father in law passed away in July last year and named his eldest son as executor of the estate. His son then informed the beneficiaries (his 4 brothers) that he was going to delay probate, access bank accounts not inform govt depts, etc of the death. We sought legal advice and he was stopped...
  6. K

    NSW Executor taking too long to wind up estate

    Our executor is still dithering after 4.5 yrs. Can I take legal action to recover opportunity costs and damages etc as a result of not being able to re-invest my share of the estate? Tks
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    NSW Executor putting estate at risk

    Major earth works are required to prepare the estate for sale - the executor refuses to even recognise the issues. Advise from the RE agent suggests that selling the property with known issues (which he is obliged to broadcast to prospective buyers) will reduce the sale price. If the executor...
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    VIC What is required if a life interest trustee sells the estate after one of the beneficiaries passes away?

    Can a trustee who has a life interest of the Net Income from an estate keep all the finances of sale if a beneficiary passes away before selling? The beneficiary had approved the sale of the estate before passing.
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    NSW executor, died,before,testator.

    Executor died before the testator. can two administrators be appointed with on living in the UK?
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    QLD Does Executor of will have to inform beneficiaries of distribution of assets

    My father-in-law passed away 6 weeks ago and his wife had passed away 9 weeks prior. A few days after my Mother-in-law had passed away my Nephew talked my father-in-law into making a new will in which he was named Executor of will. Also at this time my father-in-law was wanting to pay for his...