QLD behaved inappropriately towards a police officer??

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Roger Jones, 16 March 2019.

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    6 February 2019
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    Hi Roger..

    Code 2670 is listed as an offense against Section 62(2) of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 which relates to disobeying an instruction. The actual offense title is ' FAIL TO REMAIN AT A PLACE'..

    Without casting aspersions here, can you be 100% certain that your son has told you the full sequence of events that took place... If he had become afraid or confused and moved off before the officer had completed his duties, that would explain the 2670 and subsequent fine amount..

    There is no code for "behave inappropriately towards a police officer".... The nearest would be obstructing an officer in the performance of his/her duty
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    5 January 2018
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    Sometimes some common sense can prevail, you mentioned that your son has learning difficulties, and if it can be proven, what I recommend is to go to police station and ask for that officer, if not available, ask for other officer and explain the situation, I am sure the police will be accommodating to your request and will provide you the best way for your assistance, I am not sure if the officer can cancel the infringement but they may provide assistance in the court. It will help if you can take with you someone to give reference (if can't be with you, a written reference). You have nothing to lose. I am recommending this as there was no negative action made by your son, example as swearing, pushing etc..... (I am also not saying he did those actions).
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