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RBT is an Australia factual television series that looks at the everyday workings of sobriety check points by Random Breath Testing (or RBT) police units, and is narrated by Australian actor Andrew Daddo.
The show began on Nine Network on 27 June 2010 and follows RBT patrols testing for alcohol and drug affected and reckless drivers. The premiere attracted 1.32 million viewers. The second series began in February 2011, followed by a third series in September 2011. On 1 April 2015 RBT began airing its fifth season. Season six commenced airing on 24 September 2015, and its seventh season commenced on 3 August 2016.

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  1. A

    NSW Drove past an RBT in the dark

    I (Red P plater) drove past an RBT station in the dark. I had slowed down but saw no reasonable signs indicating I should pull over but it was dark (yes I had my lights on) and difficult to really see what the officer was doing. Since I saw no clear indication I continued driving but now I'm...
  2. G

    VIC Pulled over for RBT

    Hi, I'm wondering if I have the right to request a more senior police officer to speak to when I have been pulled over and the police are trying to make the situation more difficult than what it is. I know in America they have to call out a senior on request, but this isn't America. I can't seem...
  3. S

    NSW when is it harrasment

    I appreciate that police and RBT units are an effective tool used by police to prevent accidents and save lives. I live in a small town with around 1000 residents near the beach. There are 2 ways into my town and of course 2 ways out. The police quiet frequently use the main road as an RBT...
  4. R

    QLD Traffic Infringement Notice After Driving Past RBT?

    I have driven past a single officer RBT without seeing him as he was standing with the rising sun behind him. I have pulled up approximately 100 metres down the road & returned to him on foot. The QLD police officer has failed to identify himself & been very aggressive & confrontational & at no...