VIC Avo and reentry into Australia

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    22 November 2018
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    Hi I'm a nz'er lived in Australia for 8 months up until 3 weeks ago to come back to NZ because I was invovled in a fight and assaulted. I have come back for an opperation to save my eye from an injury occured in the fight. No chargers were laid but an investigation took place with he said vs he said scenario and now the case is closed. The police however informed me that an AVO was taken out on me from one of the other parties but I left Australia before I was servered to go to court (i am desputing the avo). Being gone for 3 weeks If i re reenter Australia will I fail a Character test due to the AVO even though I have not been served and will border force have record of it. I also have a criminal record from NZ but no sentence was heavy or jail. I have visiting Australia for the last 6 years with no concerns with my criminal record at the border. Please let me know if i won't get in. Thank you.

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