QLD Australian Law on Producing Children Through Genetics Without Consent?

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Anonymous 111

25 January 2016
I wish to remain anonymous for reasons of safety, however, I need to understand what my rights are as I am finding it very difficult to come to terms with the events of the past few years.

I am gifted, by the technical definition, in that I have an IQ well in excess of standard deviation. This was noticed early in my education.

A year ago, I was given a tip off that I had had two children. When I replied that this was ridiculous as I was aware of no children to my name, they said that it has been arranged without my knowledge nor my consent. When I said that I do not remember an event where they could have collected a semen sample, they replied that actually you no longer need one in order to produce a child anymore and with access to the correct expertise this would be trivial. While at the time this seemed insane, the more that I considered the possibility, the more that it seemed like a good probability. I actually remember one of the culprits taking a hair sample from me but being unaware of their intentions I thought it was just odd. Considering the advances in IVF, this would not have been difficult. I also remember seeing his child at around 3 years old and thinking that he looked exactly like a photo of me as a child and the guilty look on his 'father's' face.

When I got the chance to confront him about it, he threatened to kill me if I said anything. He also mentioned the fact that he was neither the first nor the last to do this to me and mentioned a previous teacher of mine who had done the same thing.

I have never donated to a sperm bank because I believe that children should have the right to know their natural born parents and as my brain type is uncommon, the thought of my child being raised by people who could never really understand them is beginning to destroy me psychologically. I am worried that the parents are attempting to basically capitalize on their genetics. It seems abhorrent to me that anyone would be willing to do this.

If I had been asked to donate sperm in this regard I would have wanted to go through a lengthy vetting process and neither of the people in question would have had a hope of passing. They knew this and that is why they did not ask. I might add that I was in grade 12 during the first of these breedings beyond my knowledge and consent.

I remember one day being asked to stay after class with two other boys, the teacher came in and looked at us and asked us questions and then walked outside the room someone outside then said ' have you made your choice' and she replied 'yes'. Two weeks later, she was pregnant. Around a year later, she and her partner stopped by the place that I worked with their child in a pram. I remember being civil to her as I always was despite never having liked her. I remember a pointed glance at the child and a very odd moment of tension before they left.

I am certain the school that this woman worked at not only knew about this but was also actively involved.

My questions are as follows:

1. Can a court force DNA testing to determine their guilt?

2. What are the legal ramifications for these people? Are there laws that protect people from this type of behaviour?

3. What are the legal ramifications under Australian Law for the institutions involved and can I sue them for negligence / gross misconduct?

4. If paternity is established, will I be obligated to pay child support?

5. If paternity is established do I have the right to see the children?

6/ The death threats made seemed very real to me, as the person in question will certainly lose his job and all credibility if found out. Does anyone have any recommendation about how I might protect myself during this process?

7. I am not a wealthy man - I certainly do not have the money to be able to afford a decent litigation lawyer and the institutions in question are exceedingly wealthy and well connected. How do I overcome this?

8. The person who tipped me off wishes to remain anonymous and I respect his wishes. Can I get justice without his evidence?

9. What will happen to the children if this becomes public? I do not want them to be in any way labeled or punished for the actions of their parents?

10. The idea that an institution would take it upon itself to allow a woman to have her pick of the students and impregnate herself using her choice of DNA without my consent nor my parents' consent shows a hideously dark tendency and eugenicist qualities that I would happily see exposed.

If I simply made my story public and named names, would I be liable to a defamation suit, considering that were it not true it could so easily be proven by a DNA test?

11. Am I a fool for seeking justice in this regard, or should I just seek psychological help?

12. I understand my story is far-fetched and that I may be seen as being a little insane for bringing it up. All I want is for my suspicions and the suspicions of my anonymous friend to be countered.

13. In the case of the later situation, I am actually more worried that he would be willing to dispose of the child and call it an accident rather than be exposed for what he did. What mechanisms are in place to prevent this from occurring for if the safety of the child cannot be guaranteed then the situation is dire?

As a small final note, it has occurred to me that by posting this, I may have exposed myself due to the seemingly unique nature of my story. I have had a good search around on the internet and am unable to find many similar cases. Should anyone feel the need to make good their death threats they ought to consider the fact that I have a fully fleshed out version of my recollections naming names sitting on an unconnected email address that will automatically fire off to a series of forums, news organisations, legal institutions and, of course, wiki leaks, I doubt they are interested however, at least, they are a safe haven.

Should I be unable for any reason to log on and stop it, it is on a 2-day timer so, in the event of my disappearance, it is going to start to look pretty bad. Know, however, that I have no intention nor wish to see this circulated. It is simply an electronic dead man's switch and guarantee of fair play.

I am sorry if this caveat seems nutty, but I am very concerned.


Well-Known Member
31 October 2015
While the science is plausible the Prohibition of Human Cloning Act 2002 would make this type of thing illegal. There was an amendment of the Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction and the Regulation of Human Embryo Research Amendment Act 2006 passed in 2007 to allow some Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) to be undertaken for research purposes in all states and territories except WA. SCNT refers to the removal of a nucleus, which contains the genetic material, from virtually any cell of the body (a somatic cell) and its transfer by injection into an unfertilised egg from which the nucleus has also been removed. I think this is the activity is what you are referring to. Regardless, while this has been done with animals it is yet to be conducted with humans and it remains illegal to do so in Australia.

It seems unlikely that this has occurred and convincing a court that you would like to conduct DNA testing on two children that were cloned from samples of your DNA is highly unlikely. I hope this response gives you some level of peace that you probably haven't been taken advantage of.