VIC Australian Institute of Fitness - debt under Enrolment Contract

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    18 October 2018
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    I enrolled in a Master Trainer course with the Australian Institute of Fitness on February 27, 2018. I paid a deposit of $700 on that day - roughly 10% of the course fee which was $7,290. The course was due to start April 3. However, I underwent severe family issues with my mum and dad in the brink of a divorce and my sister going into depression around mid May to the start of June whilst still trying to maintain my university grades, but because of those whom I spoke with saying that I can defer this if uni gets too overbearing, I put it off til later.
    I then received a letter in my mail with a debt collecting agency demanding I pay $7112.50, with already having paid around $2000 even though I had not undergone a single class because of my circumstances. I was under the impression that this is what the deposit was for, but under contract law, are they able to force me to pay the the full outstanding payment. I do not know what to do.

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