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WA Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey - Rights to Refuse?

Discussion in 'Other/General Law Forum' started by Lucy Evans, 9 March 2015.

  1. Lucy Evans

    Lucy Evans Member

    9 March 2015
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    What are my rights when I have been told by a Interviewer from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that comes to my house and says that our house has been picked in the suburb, for my family to participate in a National Health Survey?

    He has told me that its compulsory, as they are doing 20000 people in Australia. But I don't want myself and my children interviewed and give out our personal and health information when we have to already do the census forms every few years with all this same information. He has told me under the Census and Statistics act 1905 I could be charged $170 a day for failure to answer questions.
    I have a disabled child and I'm sick of filling out enough forms and forms every year for the government already.

    Please I'm desperately needing advise as I feel this is not fair, as I'm the only person in our street having to do this survey and I don't want to disclose any medical information about my families health. I feel its taking away my privacy having to sit with this interviewer and tell him all my private details.

    I rang the Australian Bureau of Statistics and they said my house has been picked so I have to answer all of the interviewers questions. I did read the National Health Survey 2014 and the Act 1905, and it says only if its against my religious beliefs that I don't have to answer any questions.. But I don't understand what that means? What religion helps me to not have to answer questions??

    He has said he is coming back to my house to interview either adult and either child. What rights do I have,? I will do this interview if I have to, but I definitely don't want my kids interviewed about their personal information. I'm disgusted that my private information about my family's health has to be said to some man who works for this Australian Bureau of statistics. Please what are mine and my childrens rights, if we don't answer questions?

    Please I need help?
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    Hi Lucy,

    I have checked out the act, and yes it is indeed an offence to refuse to give information requested of you. I am quite surprised and understand your unwillingness to provide the information, however I know no way of avoiding it - apart from the said religious grounds. I don't know of any religion that would prevent you providing medical information either

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