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Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement; that is, rights are the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of people or owed to people. according to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory. Rights are of essential importance in such disciplines as law and ethics, especially theories of justice and deontology.
Rights are often considered fundamental to civilization, for they are regarded as established pillars of society and culture, and the history of social conflicts can be found in the history of each right and its development. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, "rights structure the form of governments, the content of laws, and the shape of morality as it is currently perceived".

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    TAS Right of Entry for non tenant

    So basically I've had an issue with my partner's housemates. I've not done anything wrong in the eyes of the law, the police were called during in the issue and when I asked them I was told I'd done nothing wrong. My partners housemates are making a big deal out of it and are seriously...
  2. S

    NSW Defendant's right to privacy during court proceedings and post-conviction?

    Hi, I was just wondering whether a defendant's personal information is made available to the press by the court when they are undergoing a trial or post-conviction? In particular, their family information (the name of their wife or children?) I've googled and can't find anything. It seems...
  3. A

    NSW Right of carriageway entry exit points

    Thanks in advance, I am the burdened title with a right of carriageway down my ~300 meter driveway. The entry point is at the street and the exit point is at the rear of the block 300 meters down my driveway, where it turns into the neighbours property and services the rear of the five...
  4. A

    NSW Right of carriageway easement

    Hello, I'm hoping to get some advise on my rights over an unregistered right of carriageway easement that I am the dominant title holder. 25 years ago I purchased a block on land that was subdivided from land that the carriageway in question is part of. The sellers (a partnership of 3 people)...
  5. L

    NSW Right of way problem,

    We have a 75.75 links (15.238 m) right of way( ROW) to our property through our neighbour' place, at the start of our ROW they have fenced allowing us around 3 Metres wide area up the drive. It is a very rough road, poor drainage. They also have added a farm shed & placed large shipping...
  6. D

    TAS Right of Way

    We share a right of way with our back neighbours, where we have a positive easement. There is a small portion of this right of way that is currently dirt, that we would like to concrete. We have provided ample notification of our intent to concrete this portion (at no cost to our neighbors)...
  7. A

    NSW Extinquishing a Right of Carriageway

    There is 2 burdened/servient blocks for a right of carriage way that services a battleaxe block of 6 houses (180-180A-E Home Dr) However, a block that ISN'T part of the battleaxe blocks, but the property (176 Home Dr) borders the PRIVATE RD used for the 6 blocks, was given right of carriageway...
  8. K

    NSW Right of footway

    Hi everyone I need some help . I own a house next to it is driveway the driveway belongs to my neighbour he owns the title of the land and on the and of the driveway he has garage which is at the back of my property me and 5 more properties we have the right of footway variable width. Some of...
  9. G

    WA Evicting people from an estate property that do not have the right to reside

    Hi, My father gave his second wife a personal right to reside in his house for a maximum of 20 years post his death, provided she pays the rates and insurances the house etc. If she leaves or dies, remarries etc her right to live there is forfeited. The property cannot be used to generate...
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    NSW Can visitors use right of carriageway

    I am selling my house after 43 years which has a "right of carriageway"appurtenant & it has never been a problem for my visitors to also use the right of way. A new owner is objecting to potential buyers using the carriageway during the 2 x 30 minute open inspection per week. Is this objection...