QLD Assistance with filing a Form 424A

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8 August 2018
Dear All,

After a long journey with an immigration agent that ended with incorrectly filling, where immigration rejected as I need to be offshore when filled, I'm back to square one searching for a lawyer/agent to help with my unique situation of regaining my residency after losing it several years ago.

Some history:
I'm a 61 years old British Citizen with no working skills.

1960 - I entered Australia under the immigration scheme in 1960 at the age of one (born 1958) with my parents (I have the original entry document. No passports during those years)

1982 - Grew up, married/divorced in Australia then left to travel and work in the UK

1984 - Under missed guidance, returned to Australia on a tourist visa and thereafter couldn't get my residency back. We attempted for several years but lack of access to immigration laws daunted this.

2016 - Returned to Australia with my two sons on Student and Student Guardian Visa

2019 - Renewed the Student Guardian Visa 590 for 5 years, ending 2024, linked to my youngest's visa.

Present: Living in Brisbane

My sons (17 & 14 with British, American and Japanese citizenships) and I have been living in Australia for over 4 years now and even though I realize it will be a challenge, am seeking a professional who can help me get my residency back. My eldest is an elite swimmer and has been asked to attend the Olympic trials in Adelaide in June.

I moved my father from Ballarat to an aged care facility in Kenmore Hills, Qld, on Dec 30, 2018. He is an Australian citizen whilst I have a VCAT order to serve as his administrator. We can prove close ties with my mother's family in Australia and friends since childhood and high school.

I'm married but my now US citizen (he converted from Japanese to US for work) husband has been living separately in the US for over 5 years now. He continues to support us financially.

I approached a QLD senator two years ago whose office responded to return to them after getting an application declined with immigration.

Current Status:
We're yet to file any type of application for getting residency. I've been referred to an expert Sydney lawyer, Mr B, who wrote:

Due to the complexity of your immigration history I recommend that you first apply for your file under the Freedom of Information Act.
Freedom of information

This was after my initial enquiry so Mr B has not taken my case on yet. The form I assume that he is referring to is 424A, so I will fill it out and file.

My Question:
On the 424A , what advice would you give to complete this question?:

Part B – Document(s) or information
11 Please provide as much detail as you can to help us quickly identify your document(s) or the information you seek, including any reference numbers

Thanking you in advance.


John R

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14 April 2014
Hi @Allyoz
I assume that you are referring to the Form 424A - https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/424a.pdf
It is optional to include this information (but usually helps to speed up the process) where you or your former migration agent likely have reference numbers (or similar) from the Department of Home Affairs (or its predecessors - e.g. Department of Immigration and Border Protection) for your earlier application.