SA Assault Charges Dismissed, Now Section 18 Served to Me?

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15 June 2015
Hi and thanks in advance,

24 months ago, I was arrested and charged with an alleged assault of a resident in the same unit complex. They jumped my fence and made threats to my property (while under the influence) and then came to my door and attempted to enter. In the struggle with the door, I pushed the door to try and break the offenders grip, striking them in the face and knocking out two teeth.

I was fighting the assault charge on self defense grounds, and the the charges were dismissed before trial in place of an AVO. I have now just received a section 18 from the victims lawyer claiming for compensation to the value of $46000. I will add that I did not receive any medical records or victim statements or any such documentation along with the section 18.

The lawyer who represented me is currently on leave so I am unable to obtain any form of correspondence from them, and due to the nature of the section 18 I have only 14 days left to provide any information to the crown.

Any advice on how to proceed with the situation would be greatly appreciated.



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27 May 2014
What is a 'section 18'? Civil claim for compensation?

Do you have any medical records of your injuries? Do you have access to police statements from the assault charges?

Make sure you put in a counter claim for your injuries and damages if any. If it goes to court and you win, be sure to claim costs.