SA Arrest and Assault by Police Officer - Feature on The News?

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7 October 2015
Hi there, on the 2nd of October I was arrested and during the arrest I was assaulted by the police officer. I was not resisting nor fighting I did as he asked and at one stage I relaxed me body so much I was basically like jelly during the commotion of unnecessary force used. My wrist was broken. I luckily had been filming prior to this happening and when I was grabbed my phone dropped to the ground still recording with the camera facing up so you can see what happened. I have spoken to a lawyer yesterday the 6th of October he is taking my case on.

My main question is this,
As I have the recording still, I posted it on Facebook and it has now been shared and over 15,000 views and because of the overwhelming support, I have been contacted by a channel 7 news reporter here in Adelaide. She contacted me out of nowhere and has asked me to contact her. She read my story and watched my video and she wants to make a story out of it.

All I want to know is, will this affect my case for claims in any way at all if I go ahead with contacting her? Will it affect my case to claim? How do I reply to her inquiry because I do want to take it to the news but if it will affect the case then I don't want to do it straight away?


I would discuss this with your lawyer before you do anything. Anything that you do and say on television while being interviewed by this reporter can be used against you by the police prosecutor or may somehow harm your case. Speak to your lawyer before doing anything!