WA Feeling Scammed by Police - What Now?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Daddylovesyou, 10 August 2017.

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    Ok, I feel dumb posting this but let's see what happens...

    Recently, I was arrested for a VRO breach from back in Feb 2017 of a picture of me and my daughter on Facebook. While the police were at my front door, the female detective stated I was under arrest for VRO breach, 2x aggravated common assault against my ex-partner's stepson and a r**e allegation.

    As you could imagine, my head was spinning, plus being way over tired (the police rocked up late on a Sunday night). I wasn't in the best shape to communicate, so as we walked inside, the officer said we can go to the station and do a video interview or we can do it here, also quoting she had enough evidence to charge me with the assault and there would be no need for a video interview but that was up to me.

    So not thinking I guess I said, "So we won't do an interview then." So I've never been arrested before and having to spend the night in the cells, I was quite nervous and I didn't know what to expect (I guess having anxiety makes you guilty of anything and everything).

    At the lockup, the detective quoted we will be here in the morning to take you to court and will also have the statement of material facts for you.

    The morning came and I never saw those police again. I was transported to the court room and to make things even more convenient, there were no lawyers working on that Monday morning so as my family lawyer told me previously to Google the answers, I didn't call them or anyone else.

    The judge said you have been charged with a breach of the VRO and 2x counts of aggravated common assault, how do you plead, or would you like to get legal advice?

    I said I would like legal advice, please.

    So never seen any evidence of accusations of assault or statement of facts or anything and the r**e allegation has not been mentioned again since? What to do now?

    Can't afford a lawyer.
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