Agreement with buyer via Gumtree.

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18 July 2020
Good morning,

Most recently I listed an item on Gumtree for sale and was very pleased to come to an agreement with a buyer to purchase the item for $600 and for it to be collected on Saturday 18th July 2020. If the buyer is a "no show" or decides to "pull out" of the agreement, is he in breach of a contract and thus breaking any law? I ask this as I have had it happen to me before when selling an item online.

Thank you kindly for your assistance and feedback. Below I have provided the transcript with the buyer for your reference.

14 Jul 2020
Hi, I'm interested in "21 Piece Rattan Setting BRAND...". Is this still available? If so,are you open to an offer of $550 if so I’ll pick it up on sat cheers kevin7:59 pm
15 Jul 2020
Good morning Kevin, Hope you are enjoying a positive day so far. I am sorry to say I will not be able to let the setting go for that price. As you can see not only from the link, but also the attached photos, this is a genuine sale and well worth the value. The lowest I will go is $615. Please do let me know if you are no longer interested. Many thanks and have a great day.6:59 am
Read am

I have not see a similar setting on Gumtree for less than $580. And the one listed has been used for over two years. Perhaps you might be able to speak to that Seller and work out a great deal. It never hurts to try.7:01 am

Either way, please do let me know. Kind regards.7:01 am

Good afternoon Kevin, I trust you have had an awesome day. Thank you for your earlier inquiry. Are you still interested in purchasing the setting, or shall I say "thank you and enjoy your day"? Kindest regards. P.S. I can sweeten the deal with a packet of Tim Tams or two.5:36 pm

Hi Nicolle I’d go $600 cheers7:16 pm

Good evening Kevin, I thank you for your message and offer. Let's do $600 and make someone happy. No worries. What day do you feel it is best to collect the setting? Kind regards.7:21 pm

Saturday would be best if that’s ok7:33 pm
16 Jul 2020

Good afternoon Kevin, Thank you for your message,. Hope you had an enjoyable day. Yes, Saturday would be fine. What time were you thinking? The setting is located in Ferny Grove. Kind regards.5:57 pm
17 Jul 2020

Good afternoon Kevin, Hope you are well and looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. What time would you like to collect the outdoor setting? I shall arrange for it to be downstairs at our property for ease of loading. Many thanks.12:01 pm

I’ll messsage you later this afternoon to confirm a time cheers1:15 pm

Good afternoon Kevin, Thank you for your message.3:05 pm