Advice on a protection Visa

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28 July 2018
I am hoping to get some information. I am planning on comg to AU with my two daughters on visitor visas. Once we are there I would hope to apply for a protection visa for myself and my daughters. We have been victims of domestic violence the last time my ex husband caused a fire pit to explode in my face throwing me into a tree and catching me on fire in front of my girls. I had intended on reporting it as soon as I reached the trauma center but as they wheeled me in he was already there just standing there I was in no condition to handle the painless alone fight the fear of telling the dr what happened. By the time I was able to talk and contacted the police he had fled the state we were living in and the police to my complete shock told me well it could be a he said she said so just be glad he is gone heal up and move on
No one knows where he is but he continues to use phone applications to call my phone and has had his friends and family threatening me by contacting people I know. My Dr. Has written a letter stating i need to relocate just to heal from the trauma and effects it has had on me. I have been trying everything possible to get a restraining order but cannot since he cannot be found to be served I have been dealing with domestic violence people here who have relocated me once and he has again found us in another state. I attempted to request identity changes names and social security numbers but the judges seem to feel a woman should just stay in the kitchen do as there told not complain and just deal with it. I cannot continue to run and hide it is unhealthy for my children and we are all suffering in fear and its beginning to cause health issues as well. I have letters from friends pictures of multiple injuries from different attacks my oldest has physical scars and all three of us are dealing with fear and worry looking everywhere we go at each face in case he just shows up.
Would we have enough to be granted a protection visa once we were there legally?? We are coming to v oh sit a very close friend of mine and feel that if we have to return to the States it will end in tragedy. We are also facing a sudden increase in racism due to the issues caused by the current US President. I am Puerto Rican and whitexmy girls are xcx PR WH and BLK. We are suddenly dealing with threats of violence racists comments and do not feel safe not for even one minute of the day. My girls ask me daily ate we going to have a coval war? Ate we going to be bombed by the countries that the president is fighting with. This is no way to live? I need advice anything thing will help please and Thank you