NSW 457 Visa - What Happens If I Lose My Job?

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Carmen Garcia

24 September 2015
Hi, what will happen if I lose my job whilst on a 457 visa? I have applied for a partner visa a couple of months ago, however my situation at work has changed and I am afraid I may lose my job. Will this mean my 457 visa will get cancelled or will it still be in place until a decision is made on my partner visa?

What bridging visa will I go on? If I was to lose my job, could I go traveling with my family until a decision is made on the partner visa or do I need to stay in Australia?

Thank you.


Well-Known Member
11 October 2015
Hi Carmen,

My suggestion would be to look for another job to continue sponsoring you with your 457 visa until your partner visa comes through.

I am not sure if you can apply for a bridging visa after your 457 visa expires. I think you have 28 days to get a new visa, leave the country or find a new job.

Maybe you should contact the department or even an immigration lawyer to obtain advice about what to do.
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