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    Two years condition after getting residency through ENS (visa 186)

    Hello! Sorry, I'm aware this must be a topic often discussed, but surprisingly, I couldn't find an existing thread tackling that question. I recently got my residency through an ENS (subclass 186), and had to sign a paper with immigration lawyers at the start of the process clarifying the...
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    NSW Employer Changed Before 186 Visa Application - Help?

    Hi Everyone, My team with the previous employer who was sponsoring me for 457 visa got sold to another company. I moved with the team to a new company and I had to file for the renomination of my 457 visa sponsor. My agent has informed me that he can still file the 186 visa application because...
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    NSW Can Partner Apply for De Facto Visa a Second Time?

    Hello, My partner was on a de facto visa (457 visa) with a previous partner (Last Jan), however when they separated, she got sponsored through her work and was on a bridging visa for a while. At what point would she be able to go on de facto on my 186 Visa? Or if she can at all? Thanks,
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    WA 186 visa decision time?

    hello there, I applied my 186 visa on march 28 2017, after completing 2 years in 457. And its been 10 months already. If anyone have any idea about how long it take and what I can do?? Please help.
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    VIC 457 visa cook transfer to new employer

    Hi everyone, I am holding 457 visa as a occupation cook ,granted last year .my visa is until 2020. However my employer sold the restaurant,so I have to transfer to other business. Due to the policy was changed on april 2017 that : occupation “cook” is removed from the list for subclass186...
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    QLD Locked in Employment Contract - Am I Free to Resign?

    Hi there! I am now a Permanent Resident of Australia (186 Visa), with no restrictions on my visa. When we were applying for the visa, I needed a contract (and I didn't have one), so we made one as per the requirements of the immigration. My boss requested to add this clause: "This contract...
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    NSW How Long will Processing of 186 Visa Take?

    Nominated Position: Customer Service Manager of a Retailing Shop. 457 visa granted in September 2013. The employer nomination was lodged in April 2016 and granted in November 2016. In November 2016, I lodged 186 visa application for me and my wife (dependant) and did health checks without...
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    NSW Eligible for Permanent Residency Visa Even if Company Closes?

    Hi , I applied for my permanent residency 186 visa one month ago. I would like to know if the company I am working closes, can I still get my visa? Thank you