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  1. Pedro495

    VIC I got a infringement notice for excessive speeding at 35Kmh, will it affect my 186 visa application?

    Hello everyone, 2 weeks ago I was over speeding at 35kmh over the speed limit and got my license suspended for 6 months. I was reading and I saw that I will get criminal record. Will it affect my 186 visa application? My last speeding ticket was almost 4 years ago for 22kmh over the speed...
  2. ssharp

    VIC 186 Visa TRT Subclass - Years of employment requirement

    I was here throughout covid and am currently on a 482 short stream visa. The recent changes to legislation allow people like me to transition to PR through the 186 visa TRT stream. One of the requirements to apply for the 186 visa is to have worked for your employer for "for at least 3 of the 4...
  3. A

    Two years condition after getting residency through ENS (visa 186)

    Hello! Sorry, I'm aware this must be a topic often discussed, but surprisingly, I couldn't find an existing thread tackling that question. I recently got my residency through an ENS (subclass 186), and had to sign a paper with immigration lawyers at the start of the process clarifying the...
  4. I

    NSW Employer Changed Before 186 Visa Application - Help?

    Hi Everyone, My team with the previous employer who was sponsoring me for 457 visa got sold to another company. I moved with the team to a new company and I had to file for the renomination of my 457 visa sponsor. My agent has informed me that he can still file the 186 visa application because...
  5. S

    NSW Can Partner Apply for De Facto Visa a Second Time?

    Hello, My partner was on a de facto visa (457 visa) with a previous partner (Last Jan), however when they separated, she got sponsored through her work and was on a bridging visa for a while. At what point would she be able to go on de facto on my 186 Visa? Or if she can at all? Thanks,
  6. B

    WA 186 visa decision time?

    hello there, I applied my 186 visa on march 28 2017, after completing 2 years in 457. And its been 10 months already. If anyone have any idea about how long it take and what I can do?? Please help.
  7. V

    VIC 457 visa cook transfer to new employer

    Hi everyone, I am holding 457 visa as a occupation cook ,granted last year .my visa is until 2020. However my employer sold the restaurant,so I have to transfer to other business. Due to the policy was changed on april 2017 that : occupation “cook” is removed from the list for subclass186...
  8. C

    QLD Locked in Employment Contract - Am I Free to Resign?

    Hi there! I am now a Permanent Resident of Australia (186 Visa), with no restrictions on my visa. When we were applying for the visa, I needed a contract (and I didn't have one), so we made one as per the requirements of the immigration. My boss requested to add this clause: "This contract...
  9. E

    NSW How Long will Processing of 186 Visa Take?

    Nominated Position: Customer Service Manager of a Retailing Shop. 457 visa granted in September 2013. The employer nomination was lodged in April 2016 and granted in November 2016. In November 2016, I lodged 186 visa application for me and my wife (dependant) and did health checks without...
  10. P

    NSW Eligible for Permanent Residency Visa Even if Company Closes?

    Hi , I applied for my permanent residency 186 visa one month ago. I would like to know if the company I am working closes, can I still get my visa? Thank you