NSW Working with Children - Accused of Inappropriate Behaviour?

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24 December 2014
Last week I was accused of inappropriate behaviour. I am not aware of or have knowledge to what this inappropriate behaviour is except that it relates to my working with children. I was asked to attend a meeting with JIRT at a local PS but my legal advice was to not attend and for them to refer any information to my barrister. At this stage no charges have been laid. My question is, because I have now said no to attending, do I need to be ready for the police to come to my place at any time and what should I do? I'm feeling anxious as I don't know what to expect.

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi D78,

It depends what the charges are. If the allegations were referred to the police, then yes, you can expect to be contacted by the police and possibly a charge but should not be expecting an arrest. It sounds like the allegations have not yet been referred to the police and may be merely referred to internal investigations, which you are generally not obliged to attend or cooperate with.

Remain calm and listen to your lawyers, as they are most familiar with your case details and are experienced in this area of law. Don't worry until the police contacts you and lets you know what is happening.

If the police contacts you, they may ask you to come in to a station for questioning or question you at your house. You must verify your identity but do not need to say anything else without the presence of your lawyer if you do not wish to.