Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) fundamentally change the role of a lawyer and the affordability of access to the law.

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Harry De Elle

Well-Known Member
11 February 2017
Hi All,
I am establishing this post because I want to start to appreciate how a "reasonable person" will utilise disruptive technologies in Law.
The aim is to create an organisation that offers better quality legal service at nearly zero marginal cost for every human being on this planet.

Has the legal industry had a monopoly to the detriment of the lay person?
Should the legal industry be deregulated given the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning?
Are you happy to discuss your legal issue with a computer that costs you nothing?

How do you value and assess legal advice from a bot?
Would you support a not for profit organisation that offers legal advice on any legal issue purely through a virtual environment?
Do you want a robot telling you the likely outcome of your fact scenario?
Does paying for such a service influence your perception of the quality?
What do you consider to be a fair and reasonable cost for providing this service?
How do you trust that the quality of legal advice given either by a robot or by a person?

Please feel free to add to the discussion content in any constructive critical way.


Well-Known Member
6 February 2019
AI has already been rolled out this year by the govt (national legal aid) for family law matters... Has been free trial period up to Jan 1 2021, now a fee of between $165 & $440 per couple..

Covers divorce, parenting & property... Won't suit everybody but if a couple knows what they want & just want to formalise things, then you can use this service now to avoid lawyers & courts