What Visa to Apply Next after Separation?

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20 July 2015
I have some questions about my visa and relationship with my partner.

We got married in India as per Indian rules after we both came to Australia on 457 visa 4-year work visa like sponsorship visa. My partner have sponsor from his boss and I came with him with dependent visa. I stayed in Australia for 10 months but in 10 months I do a job for 8.5 months with the same agency and same company after 10 months.

I left Australia without informing my husband or family and came back to India after they inform the NSW police like missing report. Will it affect on my other visa??

Right now I'm in India and I want to come back to Australia and work there because I like to work and stay in Australia. Which visa can I apply now that we are separated but we didn't get a divorce. Can u please anser this question? And what is the next step involved if my visa status is in effect, it is okay??

Or after divorce if I want to come back Australia, which visa do I need to apply?

Please reply.

Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Have you already contracted the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to see if they can provide clarification? See Contact us