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NSW What to Do About Rude Company Under Employment Law?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by lucychina, 26 June 2016.

  1. lucychina

    lucychina Member

    26 June 2016
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    A few days ago, I applied a job about packing from an online agency. Two years ago, I sent my resume to an online agency, but they ignored me. This time, I have had experience and they are also wanting packing workers, but they’re still ignoring me.

    I went to agency few times and I sent some gifts, but they still told me it was unsuccessful. I asked why they refuse me again and again, and this time, I already have experience with packing, and they said it is because they have a lot of people who applied and then they told me to "get out"!

    The next day, I went to the cheese factory and met the boss. He looks like Chinese, and he said he will call the agency, and then the agency told me: if you again come, they will call the police to catch me.

    In Australia, what I can do to get help under employment law and do something about this rude company? I'm very sad for the rude agency.
  2. Louise4007

    Louise4007 Well-Known Member

    8 November 2015
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    This sounds like a recruitment / employment agency who from my understanding, are not obliged to promise or guarantee anyone a job. They usually select a person or persons that best fits the requirements or needs for the job advertised ... That's usually all they are required to do. Its' probably a good idea to be polite even though some of the people you have dealt with seem to be rude.

    Good luck:)

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