NSW What is the Difference between Court Judgement and Court Transcript?

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simon lee

Active Member
14 June 2015
Are court judgement and court transcripts the same thing? Or they are different documents?


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
A court transcript is the written record of court proceedings. It includes evidence, exhibits and the time they were given by the parties.

A judgment is the document in which judges state the outcome and their reasoning. It is handed down sometimes after the trial or hearing has concluded. At the beginning of a judgment there is usually a summary of the facts, and then it proceeds to a discussion of the law, precedent (other cases) that are applied or not applied, relevant legislation and the judges determination.

If a court has multiple judges, the first section of the judgment may be a joint majority judgment and towards the end there will be judgments from other judges including dissenting judges (judges who don't agree with the reasoning and/or final decision of the majority judges). Sometimes judges can't agree on the reasoning and will deliver separate judgements. It can be difficult to understand the legal principal that has been decided in these cases.