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    NSW What if the prosecution lied...?

    I am the victim in a DV case with my ex and on the court day, I wasn’t well, rang the detective involved and told him I wasn’t well but he said I still had to attend so I did. Then I find out later on that he stood up in court and said that I wasn’t there and could it be adjourned I sat in that...
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    QLD Criminal Law - How to Get Protection Order Dropped?

    My partner went to the police station and made a statements against me. The police officer put me on a protection order and there is a court case today. My partner and I have resolved the issue and want to know how to drop the order, and what will happen under Criminal Law if I do not attend the...
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    QLD Can Family Court Orders be Changed?

    Recently in family law court, our matter was set for hearing with me as the Respondent. The judge at that time ordered that the applicant lodge/serve their documents by a certain date. I was then given 14 days to respond. I waited for the Family Court Orders to appear on the Portal and...
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    VIC Wife Accused of Stalking - What to Do?

    My wife was falsely accused of stalking. She went to contest hearing but prior to contest hearing, the applicant wanted to withdraw on condition that costs were not asked for; the answer was no. The applicant decided to continue make further accusations of more incidents in court. Everything...
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    NSW What is the Difference between Court Judgement and Court Transcript?

    Are court judgement and court transcripts the same thing? Or they are different documents?