VIC Wealthy Ex Hides Assets from Child Support Agency - Options?

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11 August 2015
Hello, my ex Husband is a VERY WEALTHY man and hides his assets. We have a 13 1/2 year old Daughter. I left the Tumultuous Marriage when my Daughter was 18 months of age.

He has never helped out with any of her Medical Bills, Operations, Orthodontic Treatment,
School Fees, or Activities. I have had to do a change of Assessment through the Child Support Agency on a yearly basis and frankly I'm sick of it! We have had 2 Administrative Appeals Tribunals ( Hopeless )! Waste of my time.

My Ex- husband knows how to sort the System exceptionally well as he has another older daughter (no longer dependent) from his 1st Marriage. He has many Rental properties and is a Self Employed Handyman.


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23 July 2014
I'm not clear on what your legal question is. Are you looking for options for remedy? If you're unhappy with the decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, you have 28 days following determination to appeal the decision through the Federal Circuit Court, but an appeal can only be made if there has been an error of law. Read more here: Appealing a Child Support Agency decision

Is he paying the assessed amount of child support?