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VIC Child Support Agency - Claim Back Pay of Child Support?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Melb8992, 29 August 2015.

  1. Melb8992

    Melb8992 Member

    29 August 2015
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    I had a private agreement with my ex and I've just found out that he's been paying less than Child Support Agency stated. I have only had access to the Child Support Agency letters through MyGov as I wasn't receiving them via mail. I have done the figures and it shows that I received approx $12000 less than what I should have gotten for Child Support.

    This dates back until 1 Jan 2012. Child Support Agency can only get back the previous 3 months difference but said that I could claim the rest by going to court. Is this true? Would I have any chance of getting anything back considering I didn't follow up with statements and just went by what he said (he did receive statements so was informed of the amounts)?
  2. rebeccag

    rebeccag Well-Known Member

    8 April 2014
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    G'day Melb8992,
    Yes, you could go to court, but it could save time and money to negotiate directly with your ex if possible. The more money for your child, rather than on other fees, the better. But also have a look at a previous post I commented on that contains some helpful links, including to the Family Court page regarding child support and related issues: Can My Mum Get Child Support Back Payments? |

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