WA Child Support - Changing Agreed Child Support to CSA Assessment

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25 July 2014
My ex-wife and I have a court order in place with the Family Court of WA (Family Law Act 1975) for care & financial support in raising our 2 children, aged 17 & 15. This has been in place since July 2005.

She has now requested an increase in what I pay her, in Line with directions from the Federal Child Support Agency. Legal advice she has obtained says that the Federal Agency Assessment will take precedence over our State Law agreement.

I now only have to provide financial assistance for my 15 y.o. daughter - 17 y.o. son has moved back to live in W.A., by his own choice & the Federal Child Support have advised that neither parents have to support him financially, now.

My daughter and Ex live in [location redacted by moderator] Qld. I live in W.A.


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16 April 2014
It's normal for the primary caregiver to apply via either centrelink or the CSA to obtain payments from you in regard to child support. This is however means tested. So both you and your ex partners financial situations will be taken into account. The CSA provide official child support care amounts based not just on your financial positions but also the amount of time you each spend with the child. It is normally based on those 2 components and is normally a percentage worked out using income and time with the child to determine what payments are necessary once this is decided you really have no way to fight it as your partner can engage the CSA to collect on her behalf. You may change this arrangement if there is false information provided to the relevant bodies. If the information is true however then you'll have no choice but to pay. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear but it's most likely true.