VIC Upcoming Melbourne Magistrates Court Case - How to Get More Information?

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1 June 2015
I just found out my ex partner is facing court in july in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. I searched the daily hearing lists but it doesn't say much? is it possible to get some further detailed information on the upcoming case?

I'm curious as to what charges he is facing.


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Contact the court. It is public record. Though there maybe a fee to obtain the info and forms to fill in. For example :
What is the Court Result? Can I have an extract?
The Court Result is the determination of the Court, made on the date upon which the matter was set down for hearing. Extracts of the Court Register are available to the parties to the proceeding (that is, the individual/s or organisation/s listed on the charge sheet, application or complaint). Any party who is not a party to the proceeding may make application to the Registrar requesting an extract of a court result. Please note that there are fees attached to the provision of extracts (See 'Scale of Costs' under the ‘Practice and Procedure’ - 'Costs and Fees' section of this website).