Case dismissed and no compensation!

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    My partner had a summary matter dismissed at the Melbourne Magistrates court, she pleaded not guilty.
    The police brief lacked phone checks and statements that could if obtained could have seen the charge not approved at the start.
    The two police witnesses even contradicted each other in the witness box.
    The magistrate repeatedly asked the informant why phone checks weren’t done if these were done I believe the charges would not have been authorised.
    The main police witnesses statement detailed events that were contradicted by his friend.
    My partner had to travel from Sydney five times for the hearings. She could not claim travelling, accomodation, or incidentals to get her to court.
    even the magistrates at one of the hearings tried to convince her to plead guilty!
    How can she obtain compensation and have police investigate the clearly false statement made on the the police brief.

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