VIC Time suspended with son pending therapeutic councilling.

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kenny rogers

Active Member
27 December 2016
Hi my time with my son has been suspended since December last year. The mother had made false allegations in affidavit and manipulated the child with bribes to say his father was abusive even though the judge had made no findings the judge said the child needed a break. The mother took the child to meet the independent lawyer a day before the hearing to make the disclosures and unfortunately they have to report on what they are told.

Even more unfortunate my solicitor failed to bring to the attention of the independent lawyer how the mother had stopped time after agreeing to the summer holidays and we had only seen my son for 7hrs was in 6weeks.

The application I was served with when my third son was born with my current wife. The mother had stated she wanted to tighten up the orders.
Yet she was the one not complying with them and stopping time. The mother’s application didn’t make much sense and even though I wanted more time with my son I wasn’t in a good position to go to court .

I made reports to DHS as well as police to show them photos of bruises and marks my son had received whilst in the mother’s care but yet no one cared or listened. The last time I saw my son in November he said he didn’t feel safe at his other house.

The child had been seeing a psychologist a private contractor to the school. In order for the mother to do this she had to get a referral for a mental health plan. All of which was never communicated or had my consent it was only after 8 sessions that my son made me aware of it. I would have hundreds of emails but none explaining this. Not Mum not the school not the psychologist. Which is totally inappropriate to say the least.

My son made some very alarming disclosures to the psychologist saying his step father hits him and his step brother all while Mum just watches. I didn’t want my son seeing this psychologist because it didn’t have my consent and also because there should of been some sort of discussion early in the peace where Mum was saying the child was struggling and was thinking of getting the child some help with some councilling. but not a chance for that to happen as the mother had only her own agenda in mind.

The court ordered the families to attend a family psychologist in sep/ October Same things were being said. Although all along the child has wanted more time with his dad. It’s been reported by both the school psychologist and family psychologist the court ordered.

The court ordered the time to be stopped the mother wanted the orders suspended and myself wanted them followed and complied with.

No substantial evidence even though I had photos of proof no one listened like I said earlier in the message. Judge decided the child needed a rest because of all the conflict and defaulted back to Mum.

The court ordered therapeutic councilling in feb I decided not to take part as my son was suffering from system abuse and under his mums control where by clearly she is trying to end our relationship.

It’s been a couple of months without seeing my son and the independent lawyer had written into the orders the father do a parenting course and a men’s behaviour course. On the basis of nothing being found and just delaying my time more. I had done both of the courses before.
So I am making the decision not to do them as your admitting to guilt. The mother was required to do nothing. The step father nothing.

The hearing was supposed to return in March but as I have decided not to take part in the therapeutic councilling because my son was struggling and under enormous amounts of pressure to appease his mother.

It’s hard one guys I love my son but he’s stuck in a huge game Mum and the step father are playing and I seem to be getting no where no matter what I did that’s why I thought it was best to leave it be for a while.

Can anyone be of assistance? Are there lawyers who can help with this complex case. My son is 10 this year.