QLD Text from SPER re Qld speeding fine from 2010

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9 November 2021
I've recently received a text from SPER (which I initially thought was a scam text) saying I'm about to lose my licence if I don't pay this fine. Upon investigation, it appears the fine was in Qld in 2010. I moved to Victoria in 2010 so the fine MAY be mine but as there are no details regarding the incident except the date it supposedly happened, I have no idea. The amount is also oddly only $253.00 (200 for the fine and 53 for the SPER fee) - after 11 years I would have thought the fine would have accrued a lot more interest than that! My question is should I pay this fine?? I have no idea if it's actually mine or if I will lose my Vic licence (I no longer have a Qld licence). It's not much money but I don't want to be scammed out of $250 bucks, nor do I want to pay if there is a statute of limitations. Grateful for any advice :)