QLD Test results for entrance exam

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9 January 2018
Hi guys,
First time member I just came across this forum from google as I can't seem to find my answer anywhere.
I've done a quick search on this forum as well and nothing has come up so far.

My question is , If I have participated in an entrance exam for employment for a large qld government body. Am I legally entitled to be given my results ?

I participated in an psychometric text for QLD Rail and even though I passed they said I was not in the top .5% percent to be selected to progress further. All I wanted to know was which answers I got wrong and right just for my own person curiosity. And they say no they couldn't give me any results ? I would of thought that surely I am legally entitled to know the results of an exam I spent an hour doing.


Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
No, there is no entitlement to be given the results.
In any event, if the testing was done by an outsourced provider,
then Queensland rail may not even have it.