NSW Terminal illness benefit

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8 April 2020
Silly question, am in the midst of assisting a family member who is terminally ill. He has two Superfunds both of which have a death benefit. Can he claim on both? also, if both paid would both payments be tax free? reason I am asking is when I read the documents it sounds like they may reject his claim if they are aware of the other one..... he really needs some $$ to help him end his days with the care he deserves. The $$ would be used to pay for a nurse and homecare provider so that he can remain at home in his surroundings. I am thinking the best way to do it is to lodge one claim now, and in a few months lodge a second claim....... would appreciate any feedback. I have done the numbers on the costs associated with keeping him home and if we can get both payments he will have enough to cover everything he needs.