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QLD Superannuation with Ex-Partner - How to Make It Legal?

Discussion in 'Superannuation Law Forum' started by Ann2020, 5 June 2015.

  1. Ann2020

    Ann2020 Member

    5 June 2015
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    Hi everyone,

    My ex-partner and I have chosen to not access each other's superannuation. We are both comfortable with this decision. How do we go about this in a legally binding and long-lasting way? What documents do we need? What steps do we take? We live in Queensland.
  2. Smiley

    Smiley Well-Known Member

    1 April 2015
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    1. Contact you superannuation fund and complete a BINDING beneficiary nomination (you will need to complete and get this form witnessed by 2 people).

    On this form, you simply nominate your beneficiaries. Note only certain people can be beneficiaries. The form should tell you who you can nominate. If you nominate people who cannot be a beneficiary, this will void your form and render it useless.

    2. If your ex-partner are on talking terms and are comfortable with the situation as you put it, then put it in writing and have each other sign off on the form, even better, get 2 people to witness this form as well. Provide a copy this letter with your binding beneficiary form when you provide it to your superannuation fund.

    Note this letter is not fool proof but it will add weight to your intention that your ex-partner is not to receive a portion of your super benefit.

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