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4 March 2021
Hoping someone can help i hope I am making sense in what my question is my ex husband still legally married at this point would be entitled to his TPD with his superannuation he refuses to submit a claim the issue I have is that the illness he has is not curable and he will never work again he pays no child support nor any monies towards school or anything for raising our daughter his condition is getting worse he has cystic fibrosis
Is there anyway that I can have his TPD and have the funds in a trust account or along those lines and use those funds for my daughter's schooling tutor sports a car when she turns of age I would have no access to the money for myself and the trust fund can pay the necessary requirements direct to whom it is eg school fees uniform etc
Is there a loophole in me being able to gain these funds
I am working but would really be struggling to pay for a tutor sports and the school that she wants it just cost me $350 for camp he refused to give me money t