NSW super tpd insurance policy denied

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18 August 2017
Hi in 2003 i started work for a company and was signed into an AMP life super fund with tpd and life insurance amounts deducted monthly. i ceased working for the company and worked at other various places and forgot for a number of years i had the super fund. In june 2014 i suffered a workplace neck spinal injury 4 months later i had a two level operation on my neck in 2016 i decided to make a tpd claim with another fund and realised i still had the AMP life super fund. Now on checking AMP inform me that my insurance policy ran out less than 6 weeks before the date of injury (im still employed but employer has no suitable duties), I happen to log online into my amp account and download everything before submitting the claim.
In 2016 i lodged a complaint with the super admin tribunal it took them over a year to get around to my complaint.

but basically my complaint was that on all the member statements over half of all transactions were simply marked as "accruels" and in actual fact they were taking money towards the tpd policy after the date of injury but its was only a few dollars.

but looking over the super fund statements the tpd policy amount stays the same or slightly rises by 1 maybe 2 percent each year over 6 years then all of a sudden the policy deduction monthly amounts increase each year by 10 - 15 - 20 then 22 percent thats each year increases.

some of these increases occur midway through the years.

So could someone give me some advice or recommendation to someone experienced in understanding what the fees, charges , accruals and so forth are and if there is mistakes or overpayment made etc.

AMP has sent me an updated file which was asked for by the tribunal they have said ive got 14 days to list my any irregularities but i dont know the super laws or past but what i do know is the policy is for close to $150,000 and falling 6 weeks short a few cents here and there is the difference between me being covered and not covered.
i need someone urgent as ive got a family court issue going on i havnt had time to look over the statements properly and its just gone past 14 days so anyone who could help be appreicated i can upload or email the documents if needed thankyou.