WA Speeding Fines and Traffic Infringement Notice - Are We Overpaying?

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23 April 2016
Dear Sir/Mdm,

Good day.

I'm from Malaysia. I received 2 speeding fines recently and am not sure if there are furthermore.

For the first letter, it shows that I exceeded 10km/h to 19km/h alleged speed 127km/h maximum allowed speed 110km/h. According to the WA road traffic rules, we are supposed to be fine AUD200/4 penalty units, but I received the first traffic infringement notice of a fine of up to AUD 400.

The next traffic infringement notice, I was told that I exceed speed limit between 20km/h to 29km/h, alleged speed 131km/h, and the maximum allowed speed was 110km/h. The fine amount, according to the rules, should be AUD400/8 penalty units. Instead, I received a fine amount of AUD800.

Is there a change to the WA road traffic penalties or are we overpaying the fine amount?

We would like to seek your expertise on how to handle our situation. Hope to see your reply really soon.

Thank you so much.