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NSW Slapped My Coworker - What Are the Legal Implications?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Elizaveta, 5 May 2015.

  1. Elizaveta

    Elizaveta Member

    5 May 2015
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    Hi, I'm wondering what the specific penalties against me may be, because I hit a coworker. The coworker had followed me outside yelling at me for making a mistake. I verbally defended myself and asked her to walk away five times, told her she was not my manager and did not have authority over me, and I asked her to go and get the manager. The yelling became more abusive from her side, I yelled at her to get out of my face and said she had been bullying me since I started at my place of work, and she continued screaming at me and called me horrible obscenities three times. I told her to please go away and the yelling got louder. I felt extremely threatened and like it would escalate if I did nothing.

    I slapped her in the face (I lost control over myself - and the slap was not hard, it was extremely light, she laughed and no damage done and reported it to my boss). She went back to her home country yesterday and told my boss she did not want to press any legal charges (like assault), and the verbal abuse has been recorded that led up to the incident.

    I am wondering, what can the legal charges against me be if my boss decided to take me to court (which he said that he would not do)? I have never done anything like this before. I understand I will be resigning from my job. But what else is going to happen to me?
  2. Rod

    Rod Well-Known Member

    27 May 2014
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    The boss can take no criminal action directly against you as he is not a victim. He can report it to the police but with the victim overseas it is much less likely to be followed up by the police.

    The boss can legitimately fire you, but he does not need to fire you. You do not need to resign.

    Emotions can be high immediately after the event and you should avoid making any hasty decisions for the next day or 3.

    Recommend you continue working if you want/need to.
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  3. Anubis

    Anubis Well-Known Member

    6 May 2015
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    Sit tight.

    Unlikely the police will come knocking. There would seem to be no complainant.

    If they do...politely say nothing. If your coworker should complain and they think you are good for it they will charge whether or not you answer questions. Deal with that if it arises.

    I would get to the bottom of what triggered you like that just so it does not surface again.
  4. Do I need a Lawyer

    Do I need a Lawyer Well-Known Member

    21 January 2015
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    Hi there,

    I agree with Anubis. Sit tight and say nothing.


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