QLD Retaining wall nightmare

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17 November 2021
Just had a building inspection carried out on our higher neighbors retaining wall, as some of the posts have rotted off at ground level, sleepers are falling out because the wall is rotating over into our yardage their ends are rotten. Wall is built from old railway sleepers and is standing at a height of 1060 (5x235mm sleeper width) there is a fence attached to the sleepers which is 1.1m high, taking the total height to approx 2.2m. The wall originally failed in 2009 when they allowed an excavator run over the top of the wall while doing earthworks to lay a slab 500mm from the retaining wall. This wall has been built with no council approvals and is definitely not certified to have a 10m x 2.1m slab ontop of it with 2 garden sheds and a 3000lt water tank and various junk. The engineer has submitted to us his report recomending that the wall be replaced or have a new wall placed in front of it for support with in our property. We are looking for a lawyer who is experienced in this field and who can guide us through the process, as the neighbors have already stated they are not going to fix the wall. The property is located in the moreton bay council region in brisbane IMG_20211115_193218_548.jpg