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A fence is a structure that encloses an area, typically outdoors, and is usually constructed from posts that are connected by boards, wire, rails or netting. A fence differs from a wall in not having a solid foundation along its whole length.Alternatives to fencing include a ditch (sometimes filled with water, forming a moat).

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  1. M

    Encroaching Fence

    I own a rental property in Perth but am currently overseas. A 32m length of a 30+yr old Super6/Hardie dividing fence was storm damaged and my neighbour offered to obtain quotes. He claimed he was only able to get one quote. I accepted the quote for the new colorbond fence, which was reasonable...
  2. C

    Fence - section of fence pulled down by neighbour

    I live in Melbourne. I have a galvanised iron garage on my property. One side of the garage is adjacent with the fence that divides my property and my neigbours back yard. My neighbour's home is a unit (on a Owners Corporation). Recently the property has been put on the market and upon...
  3. F

    NSW Retaining wall, dividing fence and trees - a trifecta of neighbour disputes

    We have a dispute relating to a dividing fence between us and neighbours on the lower side. The neighbour wants to build a front fence perpendicular to the dividing fence and claims that the dividing fence is tilting so they can't build their front fence. The neighbours claim the dividing...
  4. Graham Nicholls

    QLD Retaining wall a(my side of the fence) and neighbour's driveway (his side of the fence)

    My house and a 750mm retaining wall were built before the neighbour’s house was. The neighbour is on the high side. The retaining wall is in my property, some 800mm from the fence. It is basically an elevated flower bed. The neighbour’s driveway is immediately adjacent to the fence, on his...
  5. D

    VIC Give and take fence Round 2

    During the Melbourne lockdowns our neighbour sent us a fencing notice to re-establish boundary. It had been discussed almost a year earlier that the fence appeared to be in the wrong position with a bit of a give-and-take arrangement. I believe the neighbour used his timing in the hope we would...
  6. L

    NSW Can I fence across neighbours' windows which are on the boundary wall (if I have to)?

    Hi. Looking to buy a property which has as the boundary wall to the north side boundary the neighbour's wall, with 3 sets of windows (one bedroom, one dining and one kitchen). They look directly onto the side passageway running down the north side of our house (if we were to buy it) and into the...
  7. A

    VIC Is a tennis court fence a dividing fence ?

    Our neighbour is subdividing his backyard which includes a tennis court. The tennis court fence was setback approximately 500mm from a retaining wall. At the ends of the tennis court there was timber fencing between the retaining wall and the tennis court fence so that we effectively had a 500mm...
  8. N

    VIC Dividing fence

    Our permit allows to add new 450mm trellis on the existing 1750mm fence, to a total height of 2200mm. After long discussions, we agreeded to renew the fence as the old fence was rot and damaged. It was not feasible to add 450mm new trellis on top. Our neighbor agreed and paid about one third...
  9. S

    NSW Rights on fence on my property

    My property has a fence in my back garden which divides my property from my neighbour (height 2.1m). This neighbour has recently extended their garage at the rear or the property to incorporate a living room and deck to overlook their pool. The room has a window which extends to approx 3m in...
  10. T

    VIC Fence

    my next door neighbour has put up a extension on the fence without asking us and it’s over 2 meters and then today after 2 months I noticed that they have physical come onto our property and placed nails through our side of the fence on our property without any permission or asking if they could...