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BlueScope Steel Limited is an Australian flat product steel producer with resources coming in from New Zealand, Pacific Islands, North America, and Asia.

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    NSW Property Law - How are Covenants Enforced?

    I have a newly built house in an estate that has Design Guidelines that are listed as a covenant "Restriction on the use of land" in our land sales contract. Part of those guidelines are that we are required to have lapped and capped timber fencing. Our neighbour is refusing to pay half of the...
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    NSW Neighbouring Fence and Retaining Wall Costs

    Hello. My wife and I have just been told by our new neighbour that he wants to replace our existing fence with a new Colorbond fence. While we have always been of the belief that we're obliged to pay half the costings of a suitable fence, we are now being told that we will need to pay for half...
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    QLD Retaining Wall and Fences Collapsed - Whose Responsibility?

    We have a property lower than our neighbour's retaining wall. It has been confirmed the wall is theirs through surveyor, council plans and land contour maps. The original owner filled the property to be level. During that 12 months we have excavated raised garden beds on our property and the...
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    Australian Consumer Law - Problems with New Colorbond Patio and Builder

    I had a new flat roofed Colorbond patio erected by a local patio business in March 2014. With recent storms and high winds, the main supporting beams from facia to posts were flexing considerably. We contacted the builder but have problems with communication so went to the local planning who...