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Justin Keily

5 March 2019

I have currently come to an end of a conciliation process with Consumer Affairs Against a Mechanic who performed some work on a boat engine.

I have been quoted an amount of $8000 to repair boat engine heads. I requested a quote in writing to which I got an email with this amount. Any extras were to be agreed upon. On several occasions I made clear instruction that if there was big overuns I was to be consulted. I agreed verbally to go ahead as we both agreed this would be cheaper than a new engine at around $25k.

He removed and repaired the heads as planned. He then sent a last minute text demanding $8000 to be remitted before completion of the job. No problem, I paid and he completed the work. Afterwards i asked if we had any extras. The Mechanic stated that we should be close to what was agreed but he would contact me if there was any extras. I said I need a receipt of the money paid and invoice as well for my records.

3 Months later after hearing nothing, I received an invoice totaling $21,000. An overrun of over $12,000.

I have since obtained a detailed breakdown on which he added massive labour costs that were 1, Not reasonable and 2. Not correct as I have Documented when they were present, and 3. Not mentioned in his initial quote whatsoever.

On investigation it appears that this may be his normal practice.
I am waiting on papers from him as this is the next step.

This falls under Australian Consumer Law as in WA boat mechanics are not under the same law as Motor Vehicles.I am happy to go to court as this was outright deception. I have copies of the emails, and diary entries.

Seems a simple case of misrepresenting his quotation. Should have made it clear was Plus Labour.
That's what I asked for, a full cost Quote.

Also the costs are totally unreasonable for the job carried out. He knew I couldn't pay that much.

Does anybody know what the chances are here of a win in court, I don't want to pay his job and costs.