VIC Relocation repayments

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12 February 2020

My company asked for me to relocate from Tas to Vic 5 months ago. I was asked to make a decision within 48 hours. Once we decided we would move the company set about arranging a third party to organize the move for us. A few weeks later I was then advised of the clause that if I was to leave in a certain timeframe the costs would be payable by me. They drafted a contract for me to sign the day before I moved. There was no amount on this contract. I have asked for this amount several times over the last few months. I have now resigned as I was under a lot of stress and needed to do so for my health.
I understand relocation costs will be repayable. However they have just advised me the cost would be $13k and they will take this straight from my entitlements to be paid out when I leave (annual leave and long service leave). I have asked for detailed invoices as this amount seems excessive to me. But my question is, is there anyway I can argue this amount? Not have it taken from my final payout but pay it off? I’ve felt rail roaded by them since the day they asked me to move so I don’t want them to do this to me again now.


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27 May 2014
You can argue both the amount and deductions from your pay.