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Quantity is a property that can exist as a multitude or magnitude, which illustrate discontinuity and continuity. Quantities can be compared in terms of "more", "less", or "equal", or by assigning a numerical value in terms of a unit of measurement. Mass, time, distance, heat, and angular separation are among the familiar examples of quantitative properties.
Quantity is among the basic classes of things along with quality, substance, change, and relation. Some quantities are such by their inner nature (as number), while others function as states (properties, dimensions, attributes) of things such as heavy and light, long and short, broad and narrow, small and great, or much and little.
Under the name of multitude comes what is discontinuous and discrete and divisible ultimately into indivisibles, such as: army, fleet, flock, government, company, party, people, mess (military), chorus, crowd, and number; all which are cases of collective nouns. Under the name of magnitude comes what is continuous and unified and divisible only into smaller divisibles, such as: matter, mass, energy, liquid, material—all cases of non-collective nouns.
Along with analyzing its nature and classification, the issues of quantity involve such closely related topics as dimensionality, equality, proportion, the measurements of quantities, the units of measurements, number and numbering systems, the types of numbers and their relations to each other as numerical ratios.

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  1. D

    Fee must not amount to taxation?

    Would somebody with good interpretative skills be able to decider this statement for me. It's part of the Biosecurity Act 2015. A fee prescribed under subsection (1) must not be such as to amount to taxation. What does this mean? Thanks
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    VIC Relocation repayments

    hi, My company asked for me to relocate from Tas to Vic 5 months ago. I was asked to make a decision within 48 hours. Once we decided we would move the company set about arranging a third party to organize the move for us. A few weeks later I was then advised of the clause that if I was to...