WA Recovery agent seeking damages for a minor accident

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21 April 2018
I am uninsured due to financial hardship and was involved in an accident last year. I was stopped at a red light. The light turned green and the van in front of me took his foot off the brake and started to move forward so I did too. He suddenly stopped again and my Pajero tapped the back of his van causing a small dent. We exchanged details at the scene. I apologised as I was the following driver however I don't believe that I was fully responsible. 16 weeks later I received a bill from his insurance company for $5002. I phoned them the next day and told them that I was uninsured and broke so the best that I could do if I was found to be at fault would be to pay it off on an installment plan. They said that they would phone me back later that week to discuss it but I never heard back. On April 16th I received a letter/ bill from recov recovery agents for $5002. The letter said that they were seeking unpaid damages on behalf of the insurance company and the full amount was due on or before April 17th!!!! I plan to email and possibly phone them on Monday. My question is...what is the best way to respond.??