SA Question about street light on property

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Active Member
1 June 2015
We have a council street light on our property (lived here 5 years). We never really noticed it until last week they changed the globe from a gentle orange glow to a bright white light strong enough to light the AFL grand final. We now have to draw our curtains well before it gets dark as it dazzles us through the front window. I have written to SA Power who ignored me, so I've sent another email and am hoping for a response - trying to get a dimmer bulb, an orange as was in it and like is in all the others down the street , or some cowling fitted, etc. It also raised the issue of what rights I have - wayleave arrangements etc? It's on my property, after all. Should they be paying me to leave it there? Can I tell them to move it?



LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
You might try saying it is a nuisance, either location or brightness, or that it is a health hazard - interfering with your sleep.